Market Place

The Historical Market Place covers an area of approximately 5400 metres in the Town Centre and is presumed to have existed prior to the granting of its Charter in 1208. The Market Place is home to a permanent 6-day covered market and an extended selection of market stalls on the 2-day market.

The Six Day Market consists of 36 stalls of varying sizes selling fruit and vegetables, refreshments, fresh fish, Seafood, meat, bread & cakes, ice cream, pizza, malaysian food, chinese food, donuts, pies and peas, baked potatoes, flowers, clothing, cards, books, computer games, DVD’s, watches, batteries, key cutting and shoe repairs and chips. The traditional chip stalls are world-renowned and offer a delicious option for lunch whilst enjoying the entertainment in the south end of the Market Place.

The Two Day Market is a general market held each Wednesday and Saturday with approximately 40 traders, consisting of a great variety of goods, from the latest in fashion to garden accessories.

To meet the summer demand there is a Friday market (May to September) held on the Two Day Market area, with similar stalls to the Wednesday and Saturday market.

When the Two Day area is not used for Market purposes, it is used a Pay and Display Car Park.

We suggest you come and explore the historic market place and get a taste for the bargains on offer. Goods generally available most market days include market garden produce, fruit & veg, fresh meat butchers, fashion and clothing, music, linens, domestic appliance spares, car care, cosmetics, perfumes, flowers, sweets, hosiery, coats, hats & gloves, shoes, insoles and foam, sportswear and equipment, power tools, toys & games, tablecloths, jewellery and baby wear.