Street Wardens

The town centre Street Wardens have helped turn Great Yarmouth town centre into a cleaner, safer and friendlier place, but without a BID we could no longer afford them – they are wholly funded by .

The Street Warden team have many purposes, including:

  • Responding to calls for assistance
  • Counteracting anti-sociable behaviour
  • Discouraging shoplifting
  • Reporting damage to street scene
  • Assisting lost persons
  • Providing a uniformed presence
  • Removing dangerous discarded needles

The Street Wardens’ uniformed presence cannot be underestimated. They make the streets safer and make customers feel safer. In a survey of town centre businesses in 2015, 95% or respondents confirmed that the street wardens were important to them. Their presence is now guaranteed until 2021 due to a successful gyBID renewal ballot.